Danfoss A client in the technical installations sector in Slovakia

The long-term cooperation, the offered flexibility and transparancy were key to the decision of Danfoss to select Simacek as their partner. Besides the element of cost savings Danfoss also wanted to refocus on their core activities by reducing management attention of facility services.

Cooperative values & goals

Cost reduction

Quality improvement




Added Value

Simacek has taken over the overall responsibility for managing and implementing the facility services of Danfoss.

The outsourcing included a staff transfer of 17 employees with the ultimate goal to offer new perspective to the transferring staff.

Other subjects to provide Danfoss with are: professionalism, bringing in best practices and innovations, implementation of FMIS providing continuity, increase flexibility of service provision, ensuring quality, transparency and efficiency in providing services and processes, financial management and cost reductions.


The services portfolio consists of: waste management, envelop services, general management, buildings maintenance, hygienical products, vending machines, housekeeper services, cleaning, office supplies, signage, mail services, technical maintenance, internal planting, furniture, garden maintenance and pest control.

In scope are a production hall, offices and exteriors situated in Zlaté Moravce, Slovakia.

Total area is approximately 41,000 sqm.