Who is AAFM International? Full responsibility for your FM services

AAFM International reduces your workload by taking over full responsibility for your facility management. Our strong European network with a wealth of local partners allows us to provide your international organisation with a great many benefits.

Cost management and standardisation

The immediate benefits you enjoy by working together with AAFM International, on the basis of partnership and mutual success are:

  • integral cost management
  • professionalisation and standardisation of your facility services
  • increase flexibility
  • focus on your core business processes
  • uniform management information

We contribute directly to the success of an organisation and its employees."
Bernt Bouwmeester - Managing Director

AAFM Facility Management AAFM International is part of AAFM Facility Management

ADG dienstengroep Via AAFM Facility Management, AAFM International is also part of the ADG dienstengroep